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經達緯貿易股份有限公司創立於1981年,公司經由機械.建材等業務出口,逐漸成長茁壯, 在這三十年間世界各國奔波,深刻體驗到,生活的目的必須兼融工作和享受。放慢腳步,來一杯好的葡萄酒,讓人滿口生津,不自覺地放鬆心情,慢條斯理地享受生命。轉而從事進口紅酒的事業。







Pan-World Trading Co. LTD. Was founded in 1981. The company is gradually growing and prospering by exporting the equipment of the machinery and building material. In the three decades, we experienced that life should coordinate the work and joy. Take life slowly. Drinking a glass of wine can make people feel so wonderful. You will feel relax unconsciously (unknowingly), take your life leisurely. That’s the attract point to make us step in this field.

The Australia wine makes people see a spacious earth. The Italy wine makes people feel like in the enthusiastic venetian carnival. The Spain wine makes people see the old time flourish and prosperous. The American wine makes people feel the elegant like the nobles. No matter wines from new world or old world, all can reflex the cultures just like the mirror. The founder established the Wine Industry Department in 2010. Our self-flagellation is honest, sincerness, sincerity. We only sell the fine wines and good things. We will continue attentively to select the elegant wines but not expensive. And we would like to share the beautiful things to the people in Taiwan. We hope everyone can feel the charm of the wines and truly like wines.

Wine is the beautiful intermediary that can promote the interpersonal emotions.